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Sonax Gloss Shampoo - 1 Liter Bottle

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Price: $15.99
This item is in stock!
CCS Item Number: 10901
Manufacturer: Sonax Car Care
: 314 300-755

1 Liter Bottle
Sonax has made the new formula of Gloss Shampoo very environmentally friendly. The new formulation is both phosphate free as well as pH-neutral. The lack of phosphates helps to protect our rivers and streams. The specially formulated anionic surfactants grab and lift dirt as well as emulsify and dissolve oil particulates allowing you to easily rinse them away. This two pronged approach ensures that you strip minimal amounts of wax while thoroughly cleaning your paint. The low foaming formula rinses quickly and thoroughly leaving a slick glossy finish. For very dirty cars, use 1-2 capfuls for a 5 gallon bucket. For normal washing, about 1/2 to 1 capful for a 5 gallon bucket of water should be enough. Do not allow the shampoo to self dry on the paint.

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