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Sonax Insect Remover - 500 ml Pump Spray

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Price: $12.99
This item is in stock!
CCS Item Number: 10908
Manufacturer: Sonax Car Care
: 533 200-755

500 ml Pump Spray

One of the more damaging contaminants that attack your clear coat/ paint is the acidic insect residue/bug guts.  The acids in the bug remains easily etch your clear coat/paint if not removed quickly.  Sonax has developed a solvent and acid free cleaner that penetrates and dissolves insect residue making it easy to remove.  The acid free formulation insures that Insect Remover is safe for virtually all exterior surfaces including paint, glass, chrome and plastic.   Insure that the surface is cool to the touch and spray a small amount onto a soft cloth.  Gently dab the Remover onto the insect residue, let it work for a couple of minutes, dab more remover as many times as necessary until the contaminants are thoroughly dissolved. Do not allow the Insect Remover to self dry on the paint.  Once everything is removed, wash the area thoroughly with car wash and dry.  Reapply a coat of wax and you are done.

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