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Sonax High Speed Wax - 500 ml Pump Spray

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Price: $12.99
This item is in stock!
CCS Item Number: 10950
Manufacturer: Sonax Car Care

500 ml Pump Spray
A blend of both carnauba wax and a specially engineered silicon polymer emulsions that are easy to apply, easy to buff off and leaves a great, long lasting shine. Great for that just waxed look between waxings or protecting wheels from the ravages of brake dust. Wash and dry your car, then mist on a very light coat or apply a small amount to a Blu-Velvet Microfiber Buffing/Polishing Cloth and spread a very, very thin coat over a small part of one panel of the car. Use another Blu-Velvet Microfiber Buffing/Polishing Cloth to immediately buff out the residue for a brilliant shine. Do not allow to self dry. If it does dry, simply spray additional High Speed Wax and immediately buff off. Great for removing water spots that remain after you wash your car. If you want to help protect your wheels from brake dust, spray a small amount on a freshly cleaned wheel and immediately buff off with a Blu-Velvet Microfiber Buffing/Polishing Cloth. The super slick surface will help keep brake dust from sticking to your wheels. Do not use Speed Wax on a dusty or dirty surface as scratching may occur. A car duster will help to remove dry dust from the body prior to applying Speed Wax. This has become my favorite wax for wheels.

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