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Menzerna PF 2500 Power Finish (PO203S), 32 oz Bottle

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Price: $51.99
This item is in stock!
CCS Item Number: 12761
Manufacturer: Menzerna
: PF2500 (PO203S)

32 oz Bottle

PF 2500 Power Finish uses a combination of precisely milled aluminum oxide abrasives to give the product a dual personality. When used aggressively with a foam cutting foam pad, Power Finish helps remove minor paint damage and eliminate swirl marks. When it is used with soft foam buffing or finishing pad it will burnish the paint to a high gloss that may not require a second step. Power Finish Polish contains no silicone, waxes or fillers. It’s a water-based fine cut cleaner, which makes it ideal for a body shop or paint shop environment. The long working time and minimal dusting allows the removal of most paint problems with little cleanup. If necessary, follow with a coat of either Menzerna FF 3000 Final Finish or SF 4000 Super Finish for a spectacular gloss. Once you have removed all swirls, minor scratches and holograms, apply a coat of Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant or quality wax.  Menzerna‘s new labeling system allows you to judge the abrasive level of each product with 400 being the most aggressive ranging to 4500 which is the least aggressive.

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