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Gray Velvet Ultra-Soft Microfiber Car Duster

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Price: $21.95
Temporarily out of stock - please call so we may help you with this item.
CCS Item Number: 17889
Manufacturer: Microfiber Products

24" Long Duster


A 24" long car duster with specially treated, 4" long, super soft micofiber mop head that lift dust from your car's surface without scratching. The super-soft, microfiber mop head caresses the dust from the paint and the 21" long handle makes it easy to reach any part of the car. Keep it in your trunk ready for use anytime you need it. Hold the handle about 3" from the surface of the paint, so the last inch of the fibers gently dusts the paint. Never apply any pressure to the paint with the duster, simply caress the paint with the last inch of the fibers. The heavy-duty fabric case will help keep it clean between uses. When the mop head get dirty, was in the washing machine with Micro-Restore Detergent.  (Our favorite way to dust a car.)


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