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Australian Deluxe Wool Car Duster

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Price: $19.95
This item is in stock!
CCS Item Number: 18005
Manufacturer: Australian Wool Products

25" Long Duster

A 25" long lightweight duster with a 13" x 5" plush, 100% wool pelt duster head on a 12" long birch wood handle that gently lifts dry dust from your vehicle's surface using static electricity.  The plush, 100% wool pelt duster head with thousands of soft, static electric charged fibers act as a magnet to naturally attract and hold dust without the use of chemicals.  To charge the fibers with static electricity, simply shake or spin the duster to dislodge any trapped dust and then rub the fibers of the wool pelt in the palm of your hand in one direction for about 10 seconds.  Gently glide the duster over the dusty surface and then repeat the shake/spin/charge cycle.  When matted, brush with a soft brush to "fluff up" the fibers.  When done with the duster, hang it up using the leather loop on the end of the handle.

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