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Sonax Exterior Plastic Restorer Gel - 250 ml Tube

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Price: $17.99
This item is in stock!
CCS Item Number: 10928
Manufacturer: Sonax Car Care
: 10928

250 ml Tube

Sonax Plastic Restorer Gel is a thick polymer emulsion that revitalizes faded or discolored exterior plastic or rubber trim.  The microscopic nano polymers penetrate into the plastic or rubber and provide long lasting protection and color restoration.  The Gel may be used on any color exterior trim with equally great results.  Squeeze out a small amount onto a soft cloth or applicator pad.  Work the gel evenly into the surface of the plastic or rubber and repeat until the entire trim is covered evenly.  Allow the gel to penetrate for a few moments and then buff off the excess with a soft cloth.  If you have faded trim, apply the Sonax Restorer Gel every few days and the nano-polymers will build up to help restore the original luster of the plastic or rubber.   Works equally well on new vinyl or rubber to protect and keep it looking new.  I also love the look of Plastic Restorer Gel on tires.  This is my favorite product for exterior trim since Black Again.

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