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One Grand Blue 33 Auto Wash - 32oz Bottle

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Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $15.16
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CCS Item Number: 10251
Manufacturer: One Grand Products
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32 oz Bottle
One Grand has developed a new concept in car washes, Bue 33 Auto Wash, that is specifically designed to work in conjunction with One Grand Show Off to help give your vehicle that just waxed look after washing.  Mix 2 to 3 capfuls of Blue 33 in a bigh bucket of cool water and wash your vehicle as usual.  Keep the entire surface wet as you wash and rinse all of the different panels.  Once you have washed and rinsed the entire body, starting on the top (start at the hood, or trunk if a convertible), spray a small amount of One Grand Show Off evenly onto the entire top and then dry with a Blu-Maxx Microfiber HD Drying Towel.  Move onto the hood or trunk and repeat the misting/drying process.  If you have a panel that self dried, simply re-wet the panel with water and then spray with the Show Off and continue the misting and drying process.  The results are a vehicle that will look like it was just waxed.  One Grand Show Off or any quick detailer type of product is only an addendum to a coat of wax and not a replacement for wax.

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